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Never Give Up Maintaining Motivation in Rocky Times

Visitors to Paris, France are often drawn to visit Notre Dame Cathedral. One of the adventures of visiting the cathedral is to climb to the top of one of the towers and look out over the city. The staircase in the tower is excruciatingly narrow and steep; the people of the Middle Ages were considerably…

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Three Reasons to Start Rock Climbing in 2018

Whether joining a rock gym or ascending a cliff, climbing demands strength, energy, and confidence. In return, you get a full body workout, newly toned muscles, and an all-around healthier, happier you. Here’s why you should make climbing a part of your life this year. 1) Rock Climbing Builds Muscle While it may seem that rock…

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Introduction to the Basic Styles of Rock Climbing

In theory, rock climbing seems like a very easy sport to understand. Unlike baseball or hockey, the name itself sums up the entire objective of the sport: climbing rocks. However, rock climbing is not nearly as simple as it appears, and to the beginner, finding information about where to start can be downright daunting. In…

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5 Climbing & Rope Sports You May (or May Not) Want to Try

For those with a love of adventure and a penchant for adrenaline, climbing and rope sports deliver a wide range of options. From seriously extreme sports such as free soloing, to controlled thrills such as rappelling, there are options to suit a range of abilities – and nerves! More »

9 Essential Pieces of Equipment Required for Rap Jumping

Adventure sports often come with a whole host of specialist equipment – and rap jumping is no exception! From the rope and rappel device, through to the carabiner and helmet, we’ve identified and discussed nine pieces of essential equipment. 1. Ropes. There are…

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Seven of the Best Abseiling Feats

For those with a love of adventure, abseiling is one of the most exciting activities to engage in. From monolithic cliffs and breathtaking waterfalls to some of the tallest buildings in the urban jungle, adrenaline junkies are always looking for ways to push their limits. Here are…

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Down the Line of Duty: Helicopter Rappelling in Australia

Rappelling is more than an adventure activity for thrill seekers; it’s an incredibly important skill that can be used to save lives. Most of us have seen people rappelling from helicopters before. Whether it’s a rescue operation that made the news or defence personnel entering a difficult-to-access…

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Working at Heights: How to Turn Adventure into a Career

Here at Rap Jumping, we’ve turned our passion for abseiling and rappelling into a career by providing others with the opportunity to learn the ropes. We love teaching adrenaline junkies and timid souls how to descend the side of a seven-storey building; there’s nothing better than witnessing the look of accomplishment…

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Rap Jumping Vs Other Rappelling Methods: What’s the Difference?

Rap jumping is exhilarating. It’s adrenaline-fuelled. It’s about facing your fears and finding freedom. For those who have never tried or heard of rap jumping before, it’s an exciting new way to push your limits. A highly advanced form of rope work, it’s not dissimilar to other…

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