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Corporate Groups

Trust, confidence, smashing through obstacles and breaking barriers

With 26 years of experience and a 100% safety record, our forward rappelling adventure activity makes your team feel like a real-life Spiderman—while bringing them closer together over a unique experience in the heart of Melbourne.

Corporate team building exercises can come in many shapes and forms: a paint balling excursion, an Amazing Race-style event or even an arduous boot camp experience. But now it’s time to turn the dial up a notch and show your corporate team a real test of their mettle in the most hardcore team building exercise yet!

Get your team to leap off the top of a 7-story building…and forward abseil all the way down—100% safe, and 100% fun!

We’ve heard all the jokes, but the simple truth is that thanks to the Australian SAS’ effort to develop a more efficient rappelling method, it’s never been easier or safer to leap off a building then run down the side all the way to the bottom. Scary? Sometimes. Exhilarating? Always!

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Rap jumping is essentially abseiling—but with one major difference. Instead of descending with your back to the ground, you forward abseil: members of your team will literally walk down the side of a 7-story building with a safety rope attached to their back.The safety of your team is our top priority, and each descent will be accompanied with two of our expert safety personnel ensuring that nothing goes wrong, leaving even the most risk-averse in your team to face the fear—and do it anyway.

We’re not going to lie—the adrenaline rush is awesome, and the uniqueness of the experience will bring the whole team together—you can bet that the more adventurous in your group will be impressed by the sudden courage of the more reserved! We know because we’ve seen it.

We give you complete control of your descent down 7-stories. Rush down at breakneck speed, or stroll down taking in the feeling. No matter what your team members choose, our break person will be watching all descents careful with secondary control of braking to ensure that your team is 100% safe.

Let us help you to build your corporate team’s dynamic abilities in the professional space while enhancing their relationships through these six key spheres:

  • Teamwork—offering support and encouragement to everyone
  • Leadership—encourage team members feeling nervous
  • Courage—doing something you fear and succeeding
  • Co-operation—work with the team to ensure best outcomes
  • Confidence—break through seemingly impossible obstacles
  • Trust—knowing that no matter what you do with the team, you’ve got their back

We know adventure sports is an absolutely fantastic resource for team building, and we know that rap jumping is one of the best activities out there—our passionate, safety-orientated instructors have helped hundreds of companies.

Book Now: Keep the memories with free photos taken on the day!

This isn’t just on the edge—it’s over the edge. It’s time to take your team out of the office and push them to their limits with an exciting adventure activity that takes the out of their comfort zone they’ll never forget. Book your experience now or call us up at 1300 780 266 to find out more.

Note: minimum booking head count per group booking is 10 participants

Contact Info
1300-780-266 (From Inside Australia) +61 3 8737 9325 (From Outside Australia)

Melbourne City Jump Location: 334 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, Australia, 3006

Mail: Po Box 432, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429