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High Schools

It’s never been easier—or more legal—to encourage your students to take a walk off a tall building.

Our rap jumping activity gives your students a new perspective on what they can achieve while you can rest easy, knowing that our 100% safety record of three decades means they’re in good hands.

Are you a teacher looking for a school excursion for your high school group? Are you looking for an excursion that’s completely different to a regular trip to a local museum? Most of all, are you looking for an excursion that your high school students will never forget—while giving them the opportunity to push the limits and have fun doing it at the same time?

Congratulations, you’ve found it right here with rap jumping. It’s not every day that you get to tell your students that they’re going on a trip where they get to laugh in the face of gravity while getting a massive thrill as they walk—or run—down the side of a building.It might sound insane, but rap jumping offers all of this and much more. Developed by the Australian SAS, you can cover the educational facts about how it was developed to make tactical manoeuvres more effective (and fun) while our team takes care of ensuring that your students are safe at all times.

Our team has thousands of hours of training and experience in forward abseiling, enabling us to keep a close eye on your high school group as each individual scales a building as fast or slow as they wish to.

All activities take place in the daytime, in our location, which offers great views of the city around them. We encourage everyone who rap jumps with us to feel the fear and does it anyway, feeling the exhilaration of doing something completely different.

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Prior to any rap jumping, we go through a complete training session in order to ensure that all your students know exactly what they need to do in order to enjoy a safe and comfortable descent, armed with the rope skills they need to reach the ground safely.Just like you, the security and safety of your class is absolutely paramount to us, and everyone descending will have the additional security and safety of the watchful eye of our expert break person with a trigger finger on secondary controls to ensure that the rap jumping goes without a single hitch.

We have hosted dozens of high school groups and given even more students the opportunity for self-discovery while enjoying an adventure that they would never normally associate with school—and helped classes to bond helping more timid classmates to push their limits and succeed.

We’re proud of our success, and we would love to help your high school group to have a memorable school excursion with real lessons that stick with them for life—such as obstacles can be overcome with courage.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our school prices are different to our online prices—call us up today for a personalised quote

Whether you’re looking for an intense bonding session for your year level group or the opportunity to give your students the opportunity to experience the challenge and thrill of pushing themselves to do something completely new, we offer a safe, fun environment for them to discover inner courage that they simply won’t on your school playing fields.

Call us up today on 1300 780 266 to find out more about rap jumping and how we can help your students to have their most memorable physical education class ever!

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1300-780-266 (From Inside Australia) +61 3 8737 9325 (From Outside Australia)

Melbourne City Jump Location: 334 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, Australia, 3006

Mail: Po Box 432, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429