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As a team, your group has overcome many challenges—and this could be your biggest challenge yet.

Walk off a building in Melbourne with the rest of your team and live to tell the tale with our three decades, 100% safety record: it’s time to go rap jumping!

The team that plays together stays together—it’s time to get your sports or fitness group out of the “office” and having fun doing something really unconventional: this is the ultimate activity program excursion for a group that’s already done paintball and can’t face another camp trip.

This is rap jumping—or leaping off a 7-story building and enjoying it!


In our book, a team that successfully navigates just walking down the side of a building can overcome any obstacle when it comes to achieving sporting greatness or simply working to push onto the next level of fitness achievement.

We’ve helped hundreds of sports and fitness groups to enjoy a day out that doesn’t just push individual team members to their limits, but also brings the team closer together as a whole. We’ve seen inspired pep talks from one team member to another inspiring courage, and we’ve seen groups grow closer as a result of a shared experience.

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Rap sailing, also known as forward abseiling was developed by the Australian SAS and is almost exactly the same as regular abseiling—but with one important difference: instead of facing skywards as you descend, you’re walking—or running—down and forward.

We’ve helped teams of all kinds, from martial arts clubs to football teams to grow together, while showing fitness and health club groups that not only can they achieve their goals—they can overcome all obstacles with a little courage and determination.

Our team has 26 years of experience and has helped hundreds of sports and fitness groups to enjoy this sometimes scary, always adrenaline-filled activity with a 100% safety record.

We will not only provide thorough instruction on how to operate the ropes and controls, giving each member of your group the confidence to control and operate their descent, but also a safety person with secondary controls to ensure that absolutely nothing goes wrong.

Bring your group together like never before with the ultimate bonding experience—we’ve got your back, and we’ll take you out of your comfort zone into a new, exhilarating zone where the laws of gravity are suspended as you rappel down a 7-story building.

Note: our minimum booking headcount is 10 participants

Call us on 1300 780 266 to book your rap jumping experience or find out more about how we can give your club a day they won’t forget in a long time. Got a special theme in mind? Let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your requirements!

Contact Info
1300-780-266 (From Inside Australia) +61 3 8737 9325 (From Outside Australia)

Melbourne City Jump Location: 334 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, Australia, 3006

Mail: Po Box 432, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429