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What Makes Rap Jumping Such a Great Kids’ Activity?

School Holidays

8 Year Old Abseil

Scratching your head trying to think of activity ideas for your child’s upcoming birthday party? Not sure how to entertain the kids these coming school holidays? In search of an excuse to get the children out of the house this weekend?

Rap Jumping is the answer!

Held in the centre of Melbourne’s CBD atop a seven-storey building, our Aussie rappelling and abseiling sessions are the perfect way to entertain kids and adults alike. The Aussie rappel is an abseiling method developed by the SAS – yet it’s also a 100% safe, adrenaline fuelled activity suited to children aged 7 and up.

At Rap Jumping we offer a commercialised version of the Aussie rappel. Participants descend face-forward down the side of the building, controlling the speed of their descent. There is also a brake person and instructor present to guide participants every step of the way. And for those who aren’t keen on going face first? We also offer traditional backwards descent abseiling, which is a great way to ease into it and overcome any fear of heights.

So why is rap jumping such a great activity for children?


It’s outside.

On Sunday, March 13th, the Herald Sun published a full page article regarding the rise in computer games and screen addiction in children. The article revealed that some kids require therapy, and that “…some of the kids play games for 18 hours a day, drop out of school, have horrendous relationships with their parents, friends and at school.” The evidence is there; poor behaviour and social issues related to screen addiction are on the rise in Australian kids.

Taking this into account, it becomes apparent why outdoor activities are so important. Adventure activities such as rap jumping get children away from their screens and enjoying themselves outside – and there are very few children who will complain about being bored and wanting their electronic devices while descending the side of a seven-storey building!

It’s active.

In an era where an increasing number of children have become sedentary (in fact, according to Physical Activity in Australia (2011), the most common level of “exercise” reported was sedentary at 40%), getting out there and engaging in physical activity is more important than ever before.

The Victorian State Government’s Better Health Channel states that “The number of overweight children in Australia has doubled in recent years, with a quarter of children considered overweight or obese.” This is undoubtedly alarming due to the potential health conditions these children face as they become older. The New South Wales Government’s Healthy Kids website recommends that children aged 5 to 18 do “…at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day to keep healthy.”

Arguably one of the safest extreme sports (we have a 100% safety record), rap jumping is certainly active. If you’re looking for ways to increase your child’s physical activity on the weekend, something exciting and engaging – such as rap jumping – is a physical activity that never feels like a chore!

It’s educational.

When kids join us for a rap jumping session, they do far more than descend the side of a building and have a bit of fun. As experienced instructors, we’re with participants every step of the way, teaching them how to rap jump/abseil in the correct manner. We love to impart our knowledge of rope work.

Rap jumping is a learning experience as well as an adventure activity!

It’s social.

Rap jumping is a great social activity, making it perfect for children’s birthday parties. The kids will love taking turns to rappel down the side of the building, and there is plenty of space at the top for spectators – we find that the kids love to watch each other complete their jumps and shout words of encouragement over the edge! Of course, adults are allowed to participate as well, which always provides a great source of amusement for the children involved.

We’ve also found that over the years rap jumping as a group activity brings people closer together. Participants overcome their fear of heights together and encourage each other to take the leap, which results in many exciting stories to tell and discuss afterwards.

It’s fun.

Last but not least, rap jumping is great fun. Not only do the kids and adults get to sample a taste of adrenaline, but they also get to enjoy the thrill of standing atop a roof in the centre of Melbourne – the views are fantastic!

Birthday Party Abseiling


If you think your kids would love the chance to descend a building like Spiderman, why not book them in for one of our scheduled rap jumping sessions? If you would like to make a booking for a birthday party, please note that bookings require a minimum of 10 participants and all children planning to jump must be 7 years of age or older.

For more information, please contact us today on 1300 780 266 or book now via our website.

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