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Melbourne Weekender 2015

In The MediaVideo

Recorded: 27 May 2015
Aired: 26  September 2015

Jade Robran trying her hand at a bit of Rap Jumping™. Read More Here

Video Transcription

Announcer: But first up, Jade is hanging around in the city.

Jade: I’m here in the city amongst the rooftops, and when you’re standing up this high, you don’t want to look down, but things are done a little bit differently here at Urban Central Rap Jumping. Here, they don’t just look down, they run down.

Rap Jumping is a unique experience providing heart-racing thrills right in the heart of town. So, I thought I’d take a leap of faith and find out a little more about it.

Derek, what is this?

Derek: Rap Jumping is face forward abseiling with a pulse. So, what we’re going to do is we’re going to have you standing up on that edge, have you leaning forward, opening your hands, and running down the side of the building.

Jade: Wow, and who can do it?

Derek: Anyone of all ages, so from 7 years old, up to your 80-year-old grandmother.

Jade: All right, should we give it a go?

Derek: Why not? Let’s go.

Jane: My heart’s beating. All right, let’s do it.

Derek: Okay, guys, welcome to Rap Jumping™. My name is Derek. I’m the head instructor here. Who wants to go first? Jade, thanks for volunteering. Let’s Go!

Jade: Oh! Thanks, guys. Cheers. Thanks.

Derek: We’re locking you off.

Jade: Urban Central Rap Jumping™ most important credential is its 100% safety rating. But I have to tell you, when you’re moments away from jumping off a building, you’re still 100% terrified.

Oh, my God! This is so scary! I am about to do something that is scarier than jumping out of a plane. Why? Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?

Woo-hoo! Ah, awesome! Awesome, awesome, awesome! I thought it was going to be the scariest thing I was ever going to do, but wow. Ah, wow! The toughest bit is going over the edge, but once you’re down, that rocks.

Some of my fellow first-timers embraced Rap Jumping™ straight away, but there were others who needed to be embraced.

Brakeman: Hold on.

Jade: Yay, you did it! How are you?

Woman: I’m okay now.

Jade: And then, there’s how the pros do it.

Okay, so you got 10 out of 10. What did I get?

Derek: I’ll give you a 4 for effort.

Jade: Ugh! So does that mean I have to do it again?

Derek: Yes, definitely, you’re going to do it again. Don’t worry. Apples, pears, oranges, like I said. Each jump’s going to be different. Each jump’s going to be more exciting than the last.

Jade: And he’s not wrong. While it might take me a little bit longer to master, I can assure you that Rap Jumping™ is a great way to spend you’re weekends, hanging out in the city.

Today has been a such roller coaster of emotions. I was absolutely petrified at the beginning of the day, but after each jump, it does, it gets easier and easier after the adrenaline kicks in. This is so much fun. Best be off. Woo-hoo!

Announcer: Get into the swing of things at Rap Jumping™ in Southbank. To find out more, give them a ring at 1300 780 266.

Contact Info
1300-780-266 (From Inside Australia) +61 3 8737 9325 (From Outside Australia)

Melbourne City Jump Location: 334 City Road, Southbank, Victoria, Australia, 3006

Mail: Po Box 432, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429