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Robbo Abseils Down The Channel TEN Building 2015

In The MediaVideo

Recorded: 16 June 2015
Aired: LIVE

David ‘Robbo’ Robinson conquer his fears and abseil down the Channel TEN building.

Video Transcription

Sarah: Well, all morning we’ve been talking up Robbo’s big leap from the top of the Channel Ten building. There he is, he’s been harnessed up. He’s wearing a GoPro so we can see his reaction as he inches down face first, face first down the Channel Ten building. How are you feeling Robbo?

Robbo: Oh just on top of the world, I mean there’s nowhere else that I’d rather be right now than doing this. And the great thing is, this stunt, it just keeps on giving. Because if I meet my end here, this is how I’ll be remembered, wearing this stupid thing, wearing this thing and that thing.

Sarah: In a Spider-Man costume, no less.

Robbo: Yes.

Robbo Abseils Down The Channel TEN Building Studio10 Live Cross

Robbo Rockin’ The Spiderman Costume

Sarah: I think it’s time. I think we need to stop the talking and start the doing, so let’s do it.

Robbo: Okay Sarah it’s easy for you to say sitting there on that couch. Oh, I’ll just jump off this building. Okay, so what do I do?

Sarah: All right, just don’t look down, Robbo.

Robbo: Left leg?

Derek: Foot up, put it on the edge.

Robbo: Oh my god.

Jess: Hi.

Derek: All together.

Robbo: Oh, hi. Oh no.

Derek: Okay, so what I want. Right hand, left hand in front. That’s it.

Sarah: So will I be the last thing that goes through your mind if you talk?

Derek: When you’re ready. It’s not that hard, all I want you is open your hands.

Robbo: Yeah?

Derek: Yup, that’s it, you’re just going off your body. Are you ready?

Robbo: No!

Derek: No? What’s not to be ready about?

Sarah: Are you encouraged?

Derek: Ready? Big breath, one, two, and three. Here we go.

Robbo: Oh my god!

Jess: Be careful.

Sarah: Go Robbo, you’re doing well mate. Just one step at a time. It’s all safe.

Derek: Open those hands.

Robbo: I’ve got them open. Okay. Oh, yeah, okay.

Derek: Keep going, that’s it.

Robbo: Well this is just a walk in the park. Open the hands. Oh my good…That harness, it hugs every part of you. There wasn’t that much to hug first, but now there’s nothing there. Okay, open the hands guys. Well that was masculine. Okay, great. That’ll dispel those rumors.

Jess: Breathe.

Robbo: Okay.

Sarah: How are those Spidey senses going for you?

Robbo: Oh they’re going pretty…oh this harness is getting offensive. Bend my knees and jump out? Oh my god! Let’s just…why are you doing that to me? Oh my. Okay, mate. Well that’s a nice shot. Okay. What am I doing?

Sarah: You did it!

Robbo: Well. How are you feeling?

Sarah: I’m just glad you’ve made it. You’ve made it to the ground.

Robbo: Jumping off at that moment there was the scariest thing that I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve done a few things to be scared of.

Sarah: Oh it was scary watching from this angle let me tell you, for a number of reasons, actually. Are you okay there?

Robbo: Un-tuck this tarantula. Yep, tarantula is back!

Sarah: We are going to show you now the moment that you took that first terrifying step off the edge of the building. This is the jump, let’s take a look at it. So we can relive that fear all over again.

Robbo: And that’s a beautiful shot too. Oh. That’s…The legs, too. The legs are going out well I think those guys will be happy. Oh.

Sarah: Were you Spidey senses tingling at that point?

Robbo: They were tingling all over, I can tell you, they’re still tingling now, Sarah.

Sarah: I think that’s the harness.

Robbo: Oh, okay, right yeah. I don’t need that, maybe they can surgically remove it from me.

Sarah: The things you do for our show, David Robertson. You are a good, good man.

Robbo: Thank you so much, Sarah Harrison, thanks everyone. And thanks to the guys up there because they were very, very good at helping me jump off a building. Thanks guys. You’re great friends to have.

Sarah: At rapjumping.com. They’re the people who helped make today happen. Robbo, thanks so much. We are going to take a break. We are glad that you are safe. You are a much loved and valued member of our team.

Robbo: Thank you so much.

Sarah: Alright, and this suit is very stinky. We’re going to take a break but we’ll see you soon on Studio 10. The amazing Robbo, our star reporter, he has just faced his fear. He’s just abseiled off the Channel Ten building. Mate, you did such a brilliant job. I couldn’t stop laughing because you are just genuinely funny. And watching you come down.

Robbo: Look at those. I mean, that leg action is…

Sarah: What were you thinking? What were you feeling?

Robbo: Up until that moment, I hadn’t even really been thinking about it, honestly. I was more thinking about what I was going to say on the telly. And then just at that moment I put my legs over, and then realized, “Oh, you’ve actually got to walk off this.” I couldn’t do it and I thought, “Oh no. I’m not going to be able to do it.”

Sarah: See that’s scary?

Robbo: Yeah I was so scared at this point. You’ve got to open your hands there, I wasn’t doing that at all.

Sarah: What was going through your mind?

Robbo: Oh, we’re going to relive that for a long time. Opening the hands, and I thought, “Okay, this is okay. This is not too bad.” Then the harness thing happened, and that’s…


Robbo Abseils Head First Down The Channel TEN Building Studio10 Live Cross

Robbo Abseils Head First Down The Channel TEN Building

Man: You can see your underwear.

Robbo: Yeah I know, VPL, right? VPL? The one time I wear a full-body suit I get VPL.

Sarah: And what about when you started coming away from the wall.

Robbo: No that was unnatural. I mean it’s unnatural enough to be walking down a building, let alone head first.

Jess: Head first

Robbo: Then coming out from the building.

Sarah: You in those stockings is unnatural.

Robbo: Yeah it is. What’s happening underneath this paper is unnatural, by the way. I’ll tell you that for free. But, at one point I got a little bit confident and thought, “I can do this.” And then, no, the confidence went. And then this guy at the bottom here, my break guy, thought it would be funny to pull me up from the building.

Robbo: The lols that we had. Yep, yep,yep, I was loling. He’s having a great time. And that’s all trained, that’s all, yep.

Jess: Well good on you.

Robbo: Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you, Jess.

Jess: I’m proud of you. Well done.

Robbo: Thank you Jess.

Man: What about that flattering camera angle that you guys were…

Robbo: Oh, we’ll never see that again. That will be cut…yeah, there we go.

Man 2: At least we know what Midland won.

Robbo: There’s no denying that I might as well just do a Cleo centerfold now.

Sarah: What do you think Ita?

Ita: I can make your dream come true.

Robbo: I’ll have to do some work.

Ita: You did so well, Robbo. You should be very, very proud of yourself.

Robbo: I just climbed up a building! I walked down a building!

Sarah: A big thanks to our great makes at Rap Jumping™. They are the ultimate in abseiling adventures, doing everything from corporate groups to hens nights. Jump onto rapjumping.com and check them out.

Robbo & The Rap Jumping Team

Robbo & The Rap Jumping Team


David ‘Robbo’ Robinson

Now when you think about unnatural things to do, jumping off a building and abseiling down it is probably right at the top of the list. And that’s exactly what I just did with Rap Jumping and they were amazing. If you’re going to do it, you need to speak to these guys first.

Ella Heap

We worked with Rap Jumping and Derek and his team for an abseiling segment with Studio 10 and it was amazing. With very short notice, they took our call and tried to start moving everything that they could to get to us in time. Derek drove his whole crew up here to Sydney to get everything going. We only gave them less than 24 hours notice and they were just amazing. So we can’t recommend them any more than we are now. They are just amazing and I hope to work with them again soon.

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